Tips to help you deal with rejection

Have you ever noticed how rejection prevents some people from trying again, while others recover stronger than before, much faster? We all experience the sting of rejection, but there are people who use that pain to strengthen and improve themselves.

Whether you were excluded from an engagement, a relationship, or you were not chosen in a promotion, rejection hurts. However, how you choose to respond to rejection could determine part of the course of your future. Here are 10 ways mentally strong people overcome rejection:

Deal With Rejection

1.- Your emotional health is just as important as your physical health

Learn to divert attention from your negative thoughts. Remember what you have and what you enjoy, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem.

2.- Postpone worrying times and suppress thoughts

Unconsciously what we do is fight against these thoughts and many times the effect that this fight produces, in addition to wearing you down emotionally, is an increase in these negative thoughts.

Postpone thoughts of everything that happened at specific times of the day and set a time limit (approximately 20 minutes). Stick to those times to reflect on what happened. If you find that your thoughts drift to the issues of your breakup at other times of the day, stop them in their tracks. Don’t let your thoughts get stuck in a negative loop.

3.- Pay attention to your feelings during that established time

Low morale is normal! Limiting how long you are depressed is not easy, but you can learn to deal with difficult feelings. Rejection means that you have suffered a loss and it is important and necessary that you accept your sadness and learn to deal with it.

Start re-committing to all the things you used to enjoy, even if it seems like an effort. Or start something completely new: a new hobby, become a volunteer, start a course (there are some really great online courses).

4.- Do not isolate yourself for a long time

Isolating yourself is a symptom of  depression , and it occurs when it occurs  after  a breakup. You don’t want contact with anyone and… even if that was helpful initially. When you feel lost and rejected, the ideal is to be surrounded by people you know and support you.

5.- Do not take antidepressants

You have to know that the feeling of loneliness you have is normal under the circumstances. On some occasions, the sadness about a breakup can become so serious that it drifts. If you decide to take antidepressants, make sure you understand the risks of taking them.

Accepting that you are grieving for any loss you have suffered is a normal reaction.

6.- How to get someone out of your head with the help of hypnosis.

You may not be able to release and end your ex’s memories and thoughts. Hypnosis can ease the transition through the abrupt outlook of the breakup. Hypnosis is useful to overcome or alleviate the discomfort generated by the breakdown of relationships.

Hypnosis using suggestions, visualizations, reframing and other resources allows you to change the irrational and distorted patterns …